Making the Geographic Now
IO Donna

Selected Reviews

Emanations: The Art of the Cameraless Photograph, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery (2016)

06.01.2016 / Refractions of Light on The Big Idea

05.12.2016 / New ‘Emanations’ exhibition at the Len Lye Centre includes work from around the world on Stuff

Spring 2016 / Exterior Monologues, Inner Visions on Art New Zealand, #159

September 2016 / Material Presence: Emanations at Govett-Brewster on Art Monthly Australasia, #292

In the Wake, Japan Society (2016)

04.21.2016 / Intense Immobility: “In the Wake” at Japan Society on artcritical

Camera Atomica, Art Gallery of Ontario (2015)

07.16.2015 / Review: The Particular Horrors of the AGO’s “Camera Atomica” on Canadian Art

In the Wake, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2015)

Fall 2015 / Reviewed by Tessa Hite on Trans-Asiav Photography Review

06.19.2015 / Review: Japanese Photographers Reflect on the Fukushima Catastrophe on the New York Times

04.29.2015 / Review by Edie Bresler on Photograph Magazine

03.24.2015 / Photographers Bring Home a Picture of Fukushima on Hyperallergic

03.11.2015Stirring Images from Japanese Photographers Reflecting on the National Tragedy of 3/11 on Slate

02.24.2015 / Japanese Photographers React to the Tragic Aftermath of Japan’s ‘Triple Disaster’ on Huffington Post (Italian) (Korean)

Towada Oirase Art Festival (2013)

10.02.2013The Towada Art Center expands its landscape on the Japan Times

A Different Kind of Order: the ICP Triennial (2013)

08.02.2013 / Picking Up the Pieces on Aperture

07.19.2013 / A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial on Artforum

07.16.2013 / Fragile Lives: the ICP Triennial on the Indypendent

07.15.2013 / Investigating the Death of Photography at the ICP Triennial on Artspace

06.27.2013 / ICP Triennial: A Different Kind of Order on Daily Serving

05.16.2013 / What’s Real Today: the ICP Triennial on the New York Times

Fukushima Biennale (2012)

09.07.2012 / Art exhibit in Fukushima gazes toward the future on Asahi Shimbun

Selected Articles

04.11.2017 / Pictures in the Aftermath on The New York Times Magazine

11.30.2016 / Dialogue Between Joan Fontcuberta and Geoffrey Batchen on Foto Colectania’s Correspondence

May 2016 / Short Q&A / Shimpei Takeda on Objektiv

12.04.2014 / Photographed by the Earth: War and media in light of nuclear events on NECSUS – European Journal of Media Studies

01.31.2014 / Takeda’s Truth and Beauty (Subscribers Only) on Pantone View

12.18.2013Recent Acquisition: Shimpei Takeda on the ICP Collections blog

11.18.2013 / Technology and Photographic Art on the New Yorker, Photo Booth

08.09.2013 / doc! photo magazine, Issue #14, Poland

06.28.2013 / Shimpei Takeda Makes Art Out of Radioactive Dirt on Vice

03.11.2013 / Revealing Evidence of Disaster on the Story with Dick Gordon

03.10.2013 / Shimpei Takeda on Aint-Bad Magazine

12.21.2012Conveyor Magazine (Issue No.4: Dark Matter)

12.04.2012 / Making the Geologic Now (Punctum Books) Web version

11.03.2012 / Questa arte è contaminazione on IO Donna: Il femminile del Corriere della seraPDF English

10.08.2012 / Trace: An Interview with artist Shimpei Takeda on Friends of the Pleistocene

Other Publications by Japanese Media

12.21.2017<日本の新進作家 無垢と経験の写真>(下)自然作用を印画紙に写す (東京新聞)

05.24.2017新緑の上野で、写真を通して見えないものを可視化する「T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO」レポート (IMA)

07.19.2015視線 「震災以後:日本の写真家がとらえた3・11」 (朝日新聞・書評記事)

04.22.2015「震災以後:日本の写真家がとらえた3・11」展  (朝日新聞)

09.10.2014 / Enhanced Vision (WIRED Vol.13) *IMAとの共同編集による別冊

08.29.2014 / 写真とテクノロジーの密なる関係 (IMA Vol.9)  English

03.31.2013 / 土の記憶を記録する (ドキュメンタリー批評雑誌 neo neo Vol.2) 

11.08.2012 / 放射能汚染の記録  (FM81.3 / J-WAVE「Jam the World」)

09.05.2012 / フクシマから未来へ (朝日新聞)

08.25.2012 / 放射能汚染の実態を記録 (福島民報)

03.12.2012 / 被災地は訴える (毎日新聞)